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Nodibet is not a medicine. It is a quite new and unique product with an innovative natural formula. It is being manufactured in hard gel liquid capsule form in which there is no heating procedure in the production so the natural ingredients will remain stable in the product. The valuable natural ingredients of Nodibet help the body to stay healthy.
Nodibet is the first product in the world which includes Propolis in liquid form. In this way, Propolis, as a miraculous honey bee’s product, is absorbed and reaches the liver well. Also, Nodibet is a product in the world that includes cold press red pepper seed oil. It is the first time in the world that cold press flaxseed oil is being filled in hard gel liquid capsule too. The free space in the capsule contains nitrogen to prevent the ingredients’ oxidation. The source of the gelatin of the capsule body is fish, which is the best source for capsule production in the world.
How to use?
Take 1-2 capsules daily. It is better to take Nodibet capsule within the meal.
Propolis is a miraculous product from honey bees. Apart from the historical references, there are numerous academic studies proving Propolis benefits in modulating the immune system as well as diabetes type 2. Propolis contains different flavonoids which are hardly absorbed via the bowel. Nodibet innovative formulation lets propolis be absorbed as much as possible via the bowel and reach to the organs, especially the liver. Nowadays, in many academic studies, the benefits of flaxseed oil in diabetes type 2 have been proven scientifically. Nodibet contains extra virgin cold press flaxseed oil. Cold press red pepper seed oil is full of valuable anti-oxidants. Nodibet is the first product in the world that contains cold press red pepper seed oil. The benefits of red pepper for liver function and diabetes have been known throughout the world.
Auto-Immune disorder has been known as the main reason for more than 80 diseases. It could affect all the organs of the body, especially the liver. Eczema, allergy and chronic pains and fatigue, arthrosis, resistance to medicine in diabetes are some of the diseases. Due to the innovative fromulation of Nodibet, Propolis as well as the red pepper seed and flaxseed oil they can be absorbed in body well so the valuable ingredients would reach to the liver and all the organs. When the inflammation of the liver is decresed, the energy in the body will be increased.

Reduces Cholesterol
Decreases Insulin Resistance

Improves İmmune System Activity, 
Anti-inflammatory Properties
Reducing Blood Pressure

Improves Metabolism and Immune System,