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Rejuline Rose Waters

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A new hypothesis has been raised among scientists and biologists all over the world which is states that cells have wisdom and losing this wisdom or any disorder in it would lead to anomalies in cells’ functions This wisdom has electromagnetic characteristics It is presumed that the electromagnetic characteristics is the source of the data which forms the cell’s wisdom similar to what is happening in a computer program (it has been proved that water molecules has the capability of recording and transferring electromagnetic data).The reason you feel well when you get into some springs in nature is that the water molecules of those springs affect the cell wisdom of your body without being absorbed so you feel changes in your mood and some of your physical problems are being healed. Rejuline rose waters is being prepared by using some natural healing spring waters in distillation process and rose flowers so it has some minerals inside. The product contains natural molecules which help to improve tonicity of nervous system that has been known as the basic reason of various chronic diseases. Also Rejuline believes that the product could affect electromagnetic properties of cells to make them perform better. Rejuline rose waters are presented in 20ml glass bottles with dispenser. To use the products perfectly and with most efficiency, Rejuline has designed Rejutech mixer and water atomizer. By using cooled boiled water in specific bottle and adding the product inside and then use Rejutech Mixer after 4 minutes the final water solution will be ready to drink as well as spraying by Rejutech water atomizer. The user will be surprised because of the feeling which is being experienced for the first time!
Rejuline rose water products are as following: