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About Us

About Rejuline

The origin of the word Rejuline is “Rejuvenate” which means “being young again”.

The purpose of the creation of the brand Rejuline® is creating a new line of protocols and products in the field of health for being young again.

Our History

In 2015 a group of scientists who have researched on alternative methods for chronic diseases since 1990, funded the Rejuline ® Corporation in Italy. The Rejuline® model is the fruit of their effort. Based on Rejuline model the biological process in cells of living organs has been analyzed with a different approach. The outcome of this approach is new methods for improving cell functions. In Rejuline model it is presumed that, a living cellule has consciousness and wisdom which controls all the reactions and functions of the cell, living organs and body. Although the hypothesis has been stated by different scientists around the world, there is no product based on it in the market to affect the cellular wisdom. Rejuline® has been innovating new products for chronic disease by caring for cellular wisdom.

Also regarding natural products, Rejuline has new approaches by using its own formulas and latest technologies to reach the most valuable natural ingredients, providing new products for people who has not been satisfied by the routine medicines.