Rejuline Skin Care Protocol

The protocol consists of the daily use of Nodibet capsules plus Rejuline skin care oil which are being used by following the specific instruction as below:


Take one Nodibet capsule before breakfast.

Wash the skin and wait some minutes.

Turn the cap to open the bottle.

Keep the bottle head down.

The oil drops on skin slowly.

Some drops are enough!

Dispense the oil on the area and Rub the skin gently. For the face you could drop the oil onto fingers then dispense the product on your face and rub the area. To be sure about reaching the oil to all the points of the face especially on the eyelids, using a mirror is recommended.

Hydrate the area after 10 minutes by using warm water. Cotton pad could be used for the purpose.

Wait till the water be absorbed by the skin.


Take one Nodibet capsule before lunch.


Wash the skin and wait some minutes and follow the instruction of skin care oil as mentioned for the morning.


For the wrinkles, using the skin care oil more than 2 times per day is recommended. Rub the skin gently for 1 minute.

Skin care oil is very effective on the nails too so using the product on the nails, especially on the root area, is recommended.

In cold weather use the product more times daily.

After shaving using the skin care oil on the area is highly recommended (for women and men). It soothes the skin and protects it from acne and local chronic inflammation.

To be witness of the effects and benefits of the skin care oil, take some sharp photos from the face. After 1 week, 1 month and … take photos like first day and compare the skin features.