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Rejuline® skin care oil
Rejuline is not medicine. It is quite a unique product with an innovative natural formula. The package has a unique design too, which allows the consumer to apply the product drop by drop, especially on the area around the nails and between the hair (scalp). Rejuline is an innovative Italian formula which contains liposomal structure by using cold press oils of watermelon seeds, plum kernel and coconut. These extra virgin oils as well as Lilium hybrid essential oil are being used purely in a skin care product for the first time in the world. It is a preservative-free and all-natural product.
The benefits
Rejuline provides an opportunity to experience quite a new feeling on the skin. It is possible now to care for the skin, face, around the eyes, lips, nails, scalp, feet and hands by one product and experience its unique effects and new appearance of the skin. Some drops are enough each time. The advantage of its unique and user-friendly designed bottle is that the volume of oil will be under control during the application. This prevents the waste of the product and also makes it possible for the person to use it regularly and without any struggle. Due to the valuable natural cold press oil of watermelon seed, plum kernel and coconut, Rejuline oil works as the best nourishing product! Experience its soothing, softening and brightening of the skin!
Rejuline skin care oil is an innovative and quite unique product in the world. The valuable natural ingredients of Rejuline help the skin to stay healthy. The amazing benefits of cold press watermelon seed oil for the skin have been proven by many academic studies in the world. The virgin cold press seed oils in the formula are rich in herbal Omega-3 which act as anti-oxidant in the body. Anti-oxidant molecules help prevent inflammation in the body. The inflammation affects the cells of the body as well as the skin and different disorders could appear consequently. Also, in acne, we face an inflammation in the pores of the skin.
Wash the skin and wait some minutes. Turn the cap to open the bottle. Keep the bottle head down. The oil drops onto the skin slowly Some drops are enough! Dispense the oil on the area gently. For the face, you can drop the oil onto your fingers, then dispense the product on your face and rub the area. To be sure about reaching the oil at all the points of the face, especially on the eyelids, using a mirror is recommended. You can apply the product to the skin as often as needed; there are no restrictions on the number of applications. In cases of skin dryness, apply the product as often as necessary to meet your needs.

Anti Inflammatory
Helps to Prevent Acne


Removes Dark Circles