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Series of the devices which have been designed innovatively to be used especially for Rejuline Rose water products. Now Rejutech contains the following items:

Rejutech Water Atomizer

With its unique and beautiful design and using modern technology, it atomizes water particles that is prepared by the mixer in a way that no conversion can occur in the properties of this intelligent water molecules (potentiated water particles) and after the first contact of this water particles with your body, you witness their effect on the cell wisdom of your body organs. This device is battery chargeable with android cable and has a transparent water container.

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Rejutech Mixer

Innovative device for distributing intelligent water molecules (with particular electro-magnetic properties) into specific volume of water in Rejuline bottle. A blue light is emitted from central axis of the mixer to water particles. After pressing start button mixer begins to work and after the time that defined for it elapsed. it stops working.

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Rejutech Cable, Adapter and AAA Battery (3.7 V)

Technically has been developed and designed innovatively for users to charge the Rejutech Water Atomizer with better performance and maximum lifetime for the particular rechargeable batteries. The cable has been designed user friendly with a built-in LED indicator.

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Rejutech Bottle

This container is designed in a way that Rejutech Mixer can be fixed and attached on it. Pour cooled boiled water to the marked line then dispense Rejuline rose water. Fix Rejutech Mixer and turn it on, after mixing time elapsed. the potentiated water is ready.

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