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The New "Immune System and Metabolism" Booster

The liver is the factory of our body. Ingredients of Nodibet® helps liver cells to work and stay active with a normal metabolism to be able to provide an active immune system. In fact the liver will provide all the elementary agents which are needed for a healthy body (skin, muscles and glands…)


Premium supplement and innovative formula which improves immune system and boosts metabolism; helps to activate liver, skin, kidneys, bowel, muscles, glands. In fact the product is effective and helpful in chronic diseases. Nodibet capsule is the first Hard gel liquid capsule to improve the metabolism that contains exclusive cold pressed oils (prepared under 25oC) without any heating procedure within production and filling. Some advantage of the dosage form: It is absorbed faster and is more readily. The dosage amounts can be more easily controlled and generally is easier to swallow. Negate the risk of oxidation process (in powder form capsules) that may damage vulnerable ingredients like essential oils.

Nodibet® and Skin

The skin in fact is a window of the situation inside of the body, specially the liver function. The liver provides all elementary agents which are needed for a healthy skin. Nodibet® helps liver to keep its metabolism at a proper level.
For more information see Rejuline Skin Care Protocol

Nodibet® and Over Weight

After 2-3 days of taking Nodibet® Liquid Capsule, you will feel more energetic but you would be surprised when your appetite begins to decrease at the same time too. If you are going to reduce or control your weight Nodibet® is a new alternative and best choice that we strongly recommend to take daily during your weight loss diet.

In order to lose weight you need to regulate the metabolism of muscles and the glands specially the liver which is the largest gland in the body. As well as feeling more energy to move, your appetite begins to decrease. NODIBET liquid capsule helps you in this way.

How it works?

Since metabolism plays the most important role in keeping the cells of different organs alive, it is obvious that fall in metabolism level can result in uncomfortable feelings
so it could be strategic dividing people in two groups:
A) In young people keeping an optimal weight range, their skin in good condition and stay energetic, are very important and all depends on the liver function as well as the metabolism of the cells of the organs.
B) Also when age increases, decreasing in metabolism level can logically cause many different chronic disorders due to the body cell’s dysfunctions. So in group B preventing the chronic diseases or preventing the progression of the current chronic diseases are very important.

How to use?

Take two capsules daily, preferably before the meal. (Breakfast and launch) As Nodibet® increases metabolism in the body and consequently the consciousness would be increased so it is recommended to not take the capsule after 4 pm to prevent affecting your sleep quality at the night.