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Rejuline® skin care oil

Rejuline® Skin Care Oil is preservative-free and all-natural with amazing effects and benefits for skin and nails in the case of suffering from eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Also, it is effective on women hair loss disorder.


Rejuline Skin Care Oil helps people who are suffering from eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Based on the scientific references the linoleic and linolenic acid oils in the formula are helpful in skin dryness, reducing acne risk and vanishing the skin impurities. It works as emollient and nourishing oil too. 

The benefits of Product

Rejuline skin care oil is an exclusive product with 100% natural compounds. Based on scientific references the ingredients of the product helps improvement of skin and nail damages in eczema, psoriasis and helps the related symptoms on the body to be relieved.It could be applied on face, nails and scalp.

It is a corticosteroid free formula with an innovative and user-friendly bottle design to apply the product gently.

There are no side effects of the compounds.

How it works ?

Skin damages in Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis are due to Auto-Immune reactions in different layers of the skin.

Free radicals have been discovered as main reason of beginning the arachidonic acid metabolism in cell membrane. The byproducts of the above metabolism cause the inflammation and in this way the auto-immune base diseases could be inflamed.

The free radicals could be absorbed and scavenged by anti-oxidant agents and the natural unsaturated fatty acids of the product ingredients play the above role.

Scientists believe that anti-oxidants could prevent and decrease inflammation.

Also, Omega-3 products have unsaturated fatty acids.

That is why omega-3 food supplements are the most famous products in the world for the purpose that its market has been grown globally since 1995 and still are being widely prescribed by physicians to help for treating different chronic diseases.

Because of some cold pressed seed oil in the formula, Rejuline skin care oil is an exclusive product in the world now; Cold pressed Watermelon seed oil, Plum kernel oil, Coconut oil and Lilium hybrid flower essential oil.

Watermelon seed oil, Plum kernel oil are full of Omega-3 fatty acids and Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory effects.

How to use

Turn the cap to open the bottle.

Keep the bottle head down.

The oil drops on skin slowly

Some drop is enough!

Dispense the oil on the area gently. For the face you could drop the oil onto fingers then dispense the product on your face and rub the area. To be sure about reaching the oil by all the points of the face especially on the eyelids, using a mirror is recommended.