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Metabolism and Skin

Metabolism and Skin

Metabolism is from the Greek word ‘μεταβολή metabolism’ can be loosely translated into ‘Change’.

The change cited in the metabolism definition refers to the life sustaining metabolic chemical transformations which take place in the cells of all living organisms.

Your body’s metabolism is broken down into two parts, both are carefully regulated by the body to make sure they remain in harmony, they are:

Catabolism: The breakdown of food components into their simpler forms, which are then used to create energy and provide the basic building blocks of both growth and repair.

Anabolism: The process of repair and rebuilding, anabolism requires energy which comes from our food intake and supplementation.

When these processes slow down, negative consequences can be felt.

Studies have found that the metabolic rate in adults can be up to 5% lower than that found in younger adults. The reason for this is not exactly clear; however researchers speculate that it may be due to the loss of metabolically active organ tissue, or a decreased metabolic rate in muscle tissue. Decline seems to be quickest in men aged over 40 and women aged over 50.

Skin Metabolism

When our metabolism functions efficiently, skin cells communicate well with one another, responding to each other’s signals and reacting accordingly. In action, this means that your skins metabolic rate ensures your cells self-exfoliate, that any UV damage is partly repaired and the skin produces collagen.

Like everything else, skin metabolism slows down as you age.

The skin’s metabolic rate can also fall victim to external aggressors, including smoking, sun exposure and sugar.

Slow Skin Metabolism can mean the presence of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, dry skin and dullness.

To improve skin metabolism!

We believe that following a comprehensive skin care protocol including a right supplementation would be the best thing that can be done for both skin and body.


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